Avant received the European Award for Best Practices in the gold category in Brussels

Avant picked up a major international award in recognition of their quality standards. Every year The European Society for Quality Research (ESQR) honours outstanding achievements in quality on an international scale. This award is granted on the basis of the criteria outlined in the ESQR Quality Performance Model which encompasses a range of strict European quality standards.

There to congratulate Avant delegates were Mr. Mario Vanis, Chancellor of ESQR and Mr. Sulaiman Hamid Almazroui, Ambassador of the UAE to Belgium. Mr. Antonio Varghese, CEO and Chairman of Avant, commented on the occasion by saying, “This is a great honour for our company. We work exceptionally hard to ensure positive customer outcomes. To be recognised on an international stage for our efforts is something we are very proud of. It is proof that quality is a fundamental value of our company and stands our customers in good stead.”

The European Award for Best Practices 2011 served as the grand finale to the ESQR convention held in Husa Presdent Park Hotel in Brussels Belgium in December 2011. Top companies which excel in their services and continue to push the limits of quality with fresh innovations were lauded for their hard work and commitment, while the international business community looked on. The award takes a comprehensive look at the hard work that business leaders put into their companies; it recognises the efforts of exceptional and talented employees and provides motivation for continuous progress.

Beyond a mere award ceremony the annual ESQR convention is a knowledge hub where business leaders are empowered with more information about best practices in business strategies, visionary thinking and growth. Here delegates can also network, sharing their best practices, experience and knowledge with other organisations’ leaders.The recognition by ESQR is independent assurance for Avant’s stakeholders and customers, and it motivates the organisation’s employees to strive for sustainable excellence.

Says Mr. Varghese, “It is a wonderful boon to have a prestigious organisation such as ESQR backing us. Quality is an abstract concept and it is always challenging to convince new customers that you can deliver on your promise. With the European Award for Best Practices our quality is becoming more tangible and a much stronger selling point.”

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