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Avant Film Division bring a fresh, collaborative process to building your business through commercials and photography on brands, corporate in-house events, product launches and more, wherever our clients operate around the world. We offer a range of services for our clients, which include:

We have all the production equipment needed to produce your video. Not only do we have talented, professional and experienced camera operators but we also have our own post-production facilities covering all aspects of the process from editing to animation. In particular, we have a vast amount of experience in corporate videos, promotional videos, web videos and TVCs.

Our team of highly experienced photographers are adept at capturing images for corporate, promotions, product, fashion, portraits and architecture in professional shoots.

Working with some of the top rated model agencies in the GCC, we are able to find the talent you need for your photographic or video shoot.

On both radio and video, we have a wide range of talent to call upon, who will provide you with just the right tone you need, regardless of language or medium.

We have a huge library of music to choose from, covering a wide variety of uses and styles to suit the mood of your video, audio application or radio ad.

Stock footage
Because we have an extensive stock footage library, we are able to adapt existing videos to include more footage or create entirely new ones from scratch. This solution has a number of benefits over shooting everything fresh as it is normally less expensive, is less time consuming and has the advantage of being able to choose clips from all over the world without having to go on location.

Integrated Marketing Solutions