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Did you know we could publish your work?

As a licensed publisher, Avant Communication holds the power to produce and distribute content in the form of books, magazines, musical works and more.

How do we decide which books to publish?

When writers send us their manuscripts, it could take a few months before they receive a response. The reason it takes this long is because the publishing process is made up of a series of critical steps to ensure that only the best quality, most viable material goes into production.

Arriving at the publisher

As soon as we receive a manuscript it is logged in and a confirmation letter or e-mail is sent to the writer. It should only take three months for the writer to receive an acceptance or rejection letter, but in reality it can take far longer.

The slush pile

The manuscript is added to the bottom of the slush pile. Our editorial staff systematically works their way through the pile from top to bottom.

The reader’s report

Once the manuscript reaches the top of the slush pile, one of our in-house readers will go through it. If they like it, they will forward it to the commissioning editor. If he feels the manuscript shows promise, he will read it himself or send it out to one of our professional readers if time is limited. The reader will then compile a report stating whether they feel the manuscript has publishing potential.

Concept meeting

If the reader gives positive feedback, the manuscript is discussed at the next concept meeting. This is where the editors, marketing team and sales force discuss books they feel might be suitable for publishing in the next cycle.

Various factors are taken into consideration. Current literature trends are analysed to see if the manuscript is a good fit. The sales team does a forecast to predict the performance of the book. Competing publishing houses are scrutinised to see if they are publishing anything similar.

The budget

The concept meeting is also the place where a budget is discussed. The publisher needs to consider if they can afford to publish the book. Books that are visual heavy are particularly expensive since they require full colour images that need to be printed on high quality paper. If a manuscript survives all these stages, an acceptance letter is sent to the author.

What is the publishing process from editor to bookshelf?

After a manuscript is accepted for publication it goes through a second process to turn it into a book.

The schedule
The schedule contains important deadlines that indicate when certain stages of the publishing process should be completed. It could be a full year before a book appears on the shelves. In the case of full colour image books it could take longer.

The contract
A legal contract is drawn up and signed by all parties involved, including the author.

The editor
The manuscript now makes its way to an editor. This can be someone in-house at the company or it can be a freelance editor. The editor will work his/her way through it and point out sections that they feel need to be tweaked, cut or rewritten. The author will get a specific amount of time to rework the text before it has to be returned to the editor. Once the editor is satisfied with the text he/she starts correcting errors. This might include brushing up the facts, grammar and spelling, as well as fixing any inconsistencies within the text.

The illustrator
If the book calls for illustrations, the commissioning editor will send a brief to an appropriate illustrator. The brief will include the text of the book as well as parameters such as how many illustrations, the space allocated to them and, in some cases, pointers as to what the characters should look like. The brief will also stipulate the style of the drawings and whether they are to be black and white or colour.

Marketing and sales
Sales and marketing of the work will usually begin while the book is in progress. Publicity may already be built around the launch of the book and the sales team will start introducing the book to distributors to create interest.

The book designer
Meanwhile, the book designer will start considering things like font, margin space and the overall look and feel of the book. He/she will also brief an artist to put together an illustration for the cover.

Type setting
As soon as the illustrations arrive and the text has gone through a final edit, the typesetters start laying out the book. Once this is done, First Proofs are sent to the editor who will check that everything is correctly placed.

The proofreaders
The book now makes its way to the proofreader who scrutinises the text, marking any errors. The typesetters then make the amendments and Second Proofs are sent to a different proofreader. The editor will also recheck the pages to ensure that all the mistakes from the First Proofs have been fixed and that no new errors have made their way into the book. The illustrator will check to see that all the colours are correct.

Off to the printer
Once the editor is satisfied that all mistakes have been corrected, he/she will sign off and the book is sent to print.

Into the bookstores
After printing, copies of the book are sent to the media for review. If a launch has been arranged it will be held at this point, along with possible media interviews. The distribution company will deliver copies to the bookstores and sales will start at retail outlets.

Notable successes
Avant Communication was the force behind the acclaimed book by Venu Rajamony, former Ambassador of India to the UAE. In this work titled “India and the UAE: In celebration of a legendary friendship”, Rajamony explores the ancient ties of these two countries through evocative narrative, rare photographs and detailed commentaries by members of the Ruler’s court, government, opinion leaders and business icons from both countries.

Avant Communication is also passionate about our on-going, in-house project, ‘The Inspiring Series’. This is a growing set of books that showcases awe-inspiring destinations across the globe. Titles in the series that are complete and available for retail are ‘Inspiring Dubai’, ‘Inspiring Himalaya’ and ‘Inspiring Qatar’. Next in line is ‘Inspiring Kerala.

A book showcasing the equestrian heritage of the Arab region is also in the pipeline.

A world of travel inspiration. Learn about your destination before you go. The ‘Inspiring Series’ started out as a set of books showcasing destinations across the globe. Soon, it will be the read of choice for prospective travellers.

Inspiring Dubai

While Dubai has long been a top destination for tourists from around the globe, this desert city is still shrouded in mystery for many. ‘Inspiring Dubai’ opens up this exuberant city to the world. A masterpiece showcasing the exciting modern developments and the rich history of the region, the book is a spokesperson for one of the world’s most coveted holiday destinations.

A wealth of full colour images supported by insightful descriptions relays the intricacies of one of the Middle East’s most dynamic urban civilisations. Modern developments in architecture and infrastructure are juxtaposed against a rich history of tradition. The excitement and thrills of hotels and malls are in sharp contrast to the simple beauty of a humble people, their desert and the Arabian Sea.

Beyond mere education, this book aims at uplifting the destination it promotes. As a socially responsible company, Avant Communication has developed ‘Inspiring Dubai’ to encourage tourism to the Middle East’s number one city. We hope our strategy will help in delving money back into the local and regional economy, to promote the health and wellbeing of this place we so dearly love.

‘Inspiring Dubai’ is registered with the British Library.

Inspiring Qatar

Winning the bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup has firmly placed Qatar on the international stage. This new development in a country filled with surprises has turned Qatar into an overnight sensation, yet it has a long history. Once dependent on pearls and fish from the Arabian seas to provide sustenance for its people, Qatar has become one of the region’s wealthiest states. This absolute monarchy has the greatest per capita production and reserves of oil and natural gas in the world.

‘Inspiring Qatar’ is a pocket book that captures the essence of this intriguing nation’s transformation. From simple living that was dependent on the open waters of the oceans, to luxurious developments and fast-paced infrastructure developments that is propelling the country into the future, every detail is highlighted by rare full colour photographs and supporting text.

As the world is becoming more focussed on Qatar in the run-up to the FIFA World Cup, ‘Inspiring Qatar’ offers a glimpse into this mostly unknown country, educating people about the incredible developments already undertaken by this formidable nation and why it is ready to host the biggest event on the international sports calendar.

‘Inspiring Qatar’ is registered with the British Library.

Inspiring Himalaya

For centuries the Himalaya mountain range has jealously guarded its natural beauty and preserved the rich traditions of its inhabitants. Home to the highest peaks in the world and some of the most unforgiving terrains on earth it is surprising to learn that these mountains harbour vibrant ecosystems of human and animal life.

‘Inspiring Himalaya’ explores the mysteries of this hidden world, revealing rarely seen landscapes and lesser-known tribes. Readers embark on a magical journey into a world where religion, tradition and a respect for nature are a way of life. Discover a world that surpasses imagination in this full colour tribute to one of earth’s last Edens.

‘Inspiring Himalaya’ is registered with the British Library.

Inspiring Kerala

Kerala in South India has long been known as “God’s Own Country”. You only have to look at a few pages of our ‘Inspiring Kerala’ book to understand why. Rich with culture and traditions, Kerala is a top tourist destination. In fact National Geographic’s Traveller magazine has named it one of the ‘Ten paradises of the world’ and one of the ’50 must-see destinations of a lifetime’. Travel and Leisure has also named it one of the ‘100 great trips for the 21st century’.

From the tree lined backwaters of Kochi, otherwise known as the Venice of the East, to the mountains, festivals and folk dances of the local population, ‘Inspiring Kerala’ brings the best aspects of this fascinating destination to the fore in a beautifully crafted keepsake. Page after page, readers are taken on a visual journey that is supported by easily digestible information. Anyone who has been to Kerala will find joy in reliving their memories when they explore the vibrant library of images contained within the book. But even if you’re simply an armchair traveller, this book will take you on a first-class journey to this magical destination.

‘Inspiring Kerala’ is registered with the British Library.

To complement the Publishing Division, among other divisions, Avant Communication also offers an Image Library service to provide visual standout and further enhance the quality and appeal of your communications.

How can an image library benefit you?

Stock photography is an easy and affordable way of getting hold of premium quality, low-circulation images for your advertising requirements. These images can be bought on online databases called image libraries. As a visitor to an image library, you can search the database for images that fit your specific requirements, using related keywords. There is usually an abundance of photos, with plenty of different subjects, styles and themes to choose from.

What is an image library and when should I make use of one?

Image libraries are online databases where stock images can be viewed and purchased. Stock images are photographs that are licensed for specific uses and meet the needs of creative jobs or projects. Making use of a stock image is usually cheaper and less time-consuming than setting up a photo shoot with a professional photographer. The fact that you also get to see exactly what you’re paying for makes it a more viable option for many people.

Stock photographs may be studio shots or are sometimes shot in outdoor locations like beaches, forests and city areas. They often make use of models posing as professionals or people in stereotypical scenarios and situations. There are usually an assortment of photos of well-known locations, landmarks and attractions too.

Stock images are either owned by an agency outright or filed at a company that will negotiate the licensing fees. These fees are determined by a number of factors, including the readership of the publication in which they will appear, the duration of usage and the country in which they will appear. The issue of royalties may also need to be taken into consideration.

What are the different types of stock images?

There are two basic types of stock images rights managed and royalty free. With rights managed images, there is a licensing agreement for each individual use of the respective photo(s). With royalty free images, the buyer pays a one-off licence fee and is then eligible to use the photo(s) in an unlimited number of ways. The client may also choose to request exclusive rights, which will enable them to disallow other customers from either using their image for a specified period of time, or from using it/them in the same industry.

How do image libraries work?

Many stock photography sites offer low-resolution images to allow designers and art directors to prepare comps or mock-ups to demonstrate the final product. If the advertiser decides to go ahead and use the image, the high-resolution version can then be purchased directly from the website. One of the unique features of web-based stock photography is that each photo is embedded with meta-data, allowing you to search the collection with the aid of keywords.

Where does Avant Communication fit in?

Avant Communication has a complete downloadable online image bank of thousands of images. Our own professional team of photographers travels the world to capture photographs that are rare and exquisite. As a selection of the best of these photographs, the Avant Communication online image bank is a visual sensation. Images of grandeur and beauty come together to create a magnificent library.

On top of this, whether you need a shoot for a corporate brochure or a fashion magazine, we will provide you with a professional photographer with ample experience in every niche discipline. If you need models, Avant Communication will launch an extensive search to find the faces and the looks that are in line with the image you want to portray.

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