• Philip Mazloumian

    Director – Business Development

Philip Mazloumian

Director – Business Development

With a BSc (Honors) in Psychology, Philip has become one of the pillars in the company. Effective brand communication heavily depends on human insight, and as such, Philip’s knowledge forms an invaluable part of what we do. With a deep-seated passion for business strategy and development, Philip has been able to implement some of our most innovative and distinctive campaigns yet, staying ten steps ahead, as to never fall behind.

Through extensive international travel and work, alongside his exposure to a range of cultures and customs, Philip has developed a hyper consciousness of different people, their ideas and any possible cultural restrictions they may have within the market. This filters down to the work we do at Avant, ensuring that our client’s see returns on their investments through communicating their brand values readily and effectively, capturing market share and outperforming their competition wherever possible.

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