Social media marketing solutions
    to increase footfall & profit

How our mobile marketing solutions can increase your profits

Mobile is changing the retail landscape and we have the tools to help you capitalize on that change. Our next generation social marketing solutions help you to drive more traffic to your retail locations and convert your browsers into buyers. This is a way where you can interact with your customers on a more individual level, tailoring solutions directly to their requirements and modifying sales messages to give a more personal touch.

Why shoppers are using technology to change their retail experience

Shoppers these days are more tech-savvy than ever before and recent studies show that 84% of smartphone shoppers use their devices in-store to help them make decisions. Customers also like to interact with their friends while shopping, even when they’re not in the same store, such as sending a selfie of an outfit for an opinion. In fact, in 2014 43% of adults went to a store to physically check an item before buying online – a process so common it is now called showrooming, which goes to show that in retail there is no way turn back the tide of tech.

Postelio puts your store first

Postelio is a feature rich, cloud based application that ensures a continuous connection between the retail merchant and customer. Here are just some of the ways that Postelio can help your retail business benefit from this new, integrated social and mobile marketing landscape.

Proximity campaigns

Engage users in contextual campaigns with location based targeting. Target users with in-store campaigns using iBeacons while they are browsing within store.

Event and sale notifications

Use timely push notifications to get your customers to react to campaigns and events to re-engage your users through our built-in announcements tab in our merchant dashboard.

Deep customer insights

Find out what your customers really like. Use our customer sales funnel to analyze and drive additional sales.

Built-in social network

Customers can get social media posts, bargains and sales messages from your store, directly to their device. There is also the facility for customers to engage in conversation with their friends, thereby spreading ‘word of mouth’ about your store to an even wider audience.

Cross platform mobile

Our platform works across both android and ios devices and is maintained in the app stores so there is no need to worry about maintenance and updates.

Drive foot traffic

Our innovative marketing platform will turn your customers into your greatest advocates. Nothing drives footfall like a recommendation from a friend, so use this program to get you current customers to bring additional traffic to your store from your targeted demographic.

Loyalty program

With our loyalty programs, it’s simple to reward your most faithful customers. Not only are the programs fun and easy to join but also, they practically guarantee that your customers will keep coming back again and again..

Create Store Catalogues

Retail merchants can now cost effectively promote their catalogue via Postelio’s revolutionary application. We are able to further enhance the in-store shopping experience by enabling customers to browse your catalogue on their mobile devices. This ensures the customers stay engaged and focused on your store.

For the first time in the Middle East,
Postelio enables retailers to:

• Enhance brand awareness, equity and loyalty
• Create unique and social shopping experiences
• Increase and monitor store foot traffic
• Analyze and develop powerful customer insights
• Activate cross-promotions with proximity adverts
• Ultimately, you can increase enquiries, sales revenue and profitability .

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